Vintage | Brocade and Lime



To love a Vintage-inspired piece you must also credit the true innovative original!!!

Brocade & Lime pays homage to that originality by having a small but selective rail of genuine ‘one-of-a-kind’ iconic dresses from the past.  Each piece specifically selected because of an outstanding design, a remarkable quality or a decade defining spa dublin detail… Usually exhibiting all!!!

So let me cordially invite you to take a journey through time; Take a trip on the Titanic from Downton Abbey to Gatsby’s Long Island.  Take the train from Berlin to Casablanca and steam through the depression/war-time era design and classic film noir style. Take a ‘New Look’ at 50’s Paris and board a Pan Am flight to touch down in glamorous MGM’s Hollywood styled front doors incredible. Do the twist with the mini in 60’s London and catch a Maxi to 70’s Studio 54.

The dresses are displayed not by date but by size; From Twiggy to Marilyn… So experience a kaleidoscope of texture, colour, pattern, design and style as you roller-coaster through the spectrum of time.