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Proudly representing the allure and mystery of the roaring 40’s is the Stop Staring label. In my opinion the original and the best of these classic film noir inspired brands. I have a number of labels that demonstrate the different moods of the fabulously feminine 50’s. Both Poppy and Mrs Pomeranz pay homage to the full circle shape that characterized this era. Aftermath chronologically brings us up nicely to Orla kiely and the swinging 60’s with its bold colours and geometric prints. Although my labels may differ in style and design I hope to celebrate the difference and demonstrate how each representative decade/label blends into the next seamlessly. I have meticulously sourced my stock from around the world… From the beaches of California and Costa Rica to the majestic squares of Moscow, from striking Stockholm to the trend setting fashion districts of London. Finally returning home to our very own Queen of Prints, Orla Kiely.






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